Fit-up system for welding lines STEEL MEC Welding equipments

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Fit-up system


Designed and robustly built to withstand the rugged environment in the welding industry.
Part of a growing line and used in wind-tower, pile and vessel position
Four independatly adjustable rollers to align the can with each other and two cross rollers to lift up the section for out conveying the workpiece.
This unit can be used in one set to make aligning between several can or used in the growing line.
With two independatly adjustable rollers.
The fastest system to assemble 1+1 can.
Set consist of one power and idler roller bed 30T, four independatly adjusted rollers to align the two can with each other.
The roller bed and the rollers are all mounted on one main frame.

• Vessels
• Wind Tower